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I am computer scientist and specialize in artificial intelligence. Earlier I was interested in software engineering (I practically implemented among others: 3 translators, 2 automatic program generators, two versions of digital computer simulators). At present I am engaged in researches concerning: hybrid systems eg. hybrid expert systems, knowledge engineering and computer-aided support of knowledge management. My scientific interests and practice also include: logic, methods of automatic logical inference/reasoning as well as logic programming. My PhD dissertation was on the topic of hybrid knowledge representation in expert systems and also shortly described three expert systems, which I then built.


I work in the Department of Knowledge Engineering at the Faculty of Computer Science and Communications in the University of Economics in Katowice (Silesia, Poland).

I have built several AI systems: the first Polish hybrid expert system shell called PC-Shell, neural net Neuronix, AI software package SPHINX - the only such package in Poland, Aitech DSS etc., and implemented them in most of Polish universities and some banks as well as in commercial companies.

To combine theory and practice, to get the feedback effect, in 1990 year I set up the first Polish company AITECH  Artificial Intelligence Laboratory specializing in building and selling my systems, mainly PC-Shell, later AI software package SPHINX and intelligent decision support system Aitech DSS. My scientific and commercial mission af AITECH activity was also popularization of artificial intelligence, especially expert systems in Poland. 


My hobbies are: science, astronomy - mainly astrophysics and cosmology, karate kyokusin, playing electric guitar. I also like logic, computer programming in that logic programming and listening to the music.

I have son Tomasz Michalik. 


                                               Clear conscience 

(From IPN about not being informer in times of communism in Poland 1945-1989)

Prof. Krzysztof Michalik

Artificial Intelligence & Professional Activity

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