Wild cats: Two hunters from USA illegaly killed lions

Posted 8/15/2015

According to MaxTV by Max Kolonko, quite recently a dentist from Minnesota shot majestic lion Cecil protected in National Park in Africa (very popular there); then doctor (M.D.) from Pensylvania also killed a lion, probably illegal kill too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kDmc_pLi4g. Would you like to be treated by such individuals? Hunting for lions is barbarian dealings, the more that the large wild cats are endangered species. Generally, I believe that hunting is barbarian human activity, if it is not necessary to survive/live. From the fault of the hunters is now only about 300 Siberian tigers, the most big and powerfull cats. Hunters of course kill also other already endangered species as extremely agile leopards or the fastest land animal on Earth - cheetah (even 120 km/h, 100 in 3 seconds - and not on asphalt (!!!), so better than most sports car).

Jaguars are currently only in South America. Hunters also kill pumas (mountain lions, cougars). I like the idea of Max Kolonko to leave these "heroes" without weapons there in Africa among animals and let them fight 1 : 1 with a lion or leopard! IMO, any killing of wild cats in Africa or Asia - except the case of self-defense, but not while hunting - should be punished with imprisonment. Sometimes,luckily, the hunter becomes a prey, e.g.:




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