Ufology and esoteric: crop circles - the most modern means of communication :)

Posted 9/19/2014

Many ufologists raves "crop circles" and spends a lot of time for it. Some even go there to meditate. The same happened in Poland. I watched the last one of the many films on the subject, including of circles in crops in the village Wylatowo. It arose in me the question whether (if any exist) alien civilization that traveled many light years to reach Earth, as with the unimaginably powerful technique, to communicate with humans must destroy the work of the farmers? They do not know the radio, TV, CB radio, mobile phones, internet and so on? For such advanced civilizations the most optimal and the most modern means of communication to be squeezing crop circles? And what is that information for us to bring these circles? No! Absurd! Professor Carl Sagan - representative of "backward" to the aliens human civilization - has designed two metal plates placed on space probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 And they what? Destroy the work of our farmers!!! The funny thing is that these jokes many ufologists take for sure and signs of UFOs.

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