Trying to predict the future of Artificial Intelligence: next step - Wisdom Bases?

Posted 11/8/2012

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom

Isaac Asimov.

Prediction, especially in science is very difficult. Stephen Hawking wrote: "[...] Prediction of the future is a difficult matter. Once, I wanted to write a book entitled Yesterday's history tomorrow future. It was to be the story of different visions of the future, most of which turned out to be hopelessly misguided " (translated from Polish edition). 

In that context I observe the evolution of thechnologies from data bases to knowledge bases. So the next step - I predict - would be the base of wisdom?

data base → knowledge base → wisdom base

It should be added that the word "evolution" as the arrow being used in the schema does not mean that  knowledge bases are derived from databases, of course. They operate independently, often autonomously, and have different origins.This refers to the ability of collecting and processing data and knowledge, respectively, which stage we are just reaching. So it refers rather  to abstraction of concepts like:

data - information - knowledge - wisdom.

Perhaps, then, it seems to be reasonable to think about the concept of wisdom base as the next step in automatic processing by computers?

Is that correct prediction time will tell.

I'll try to develop this idea a little later.

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