Science vs pseudoscience: Rorschach "test" (ab)normalization - then again blots

Posted 7/19/2013

At present I finish my book and I have two weeks, so I am so busy that I have no time to write what I think about it. As a scientist I am alternately amused and serious reading about Rorchach's "test" "normalization". Why, I'll explain after finishing my book. Then I will be having time for writing contents announced on the blog. Similarly I will deal with fast finishing of works on the version 1.0 of the system Logos. I plan to finish creating that 1.0 version at the turn of the September and the October. 

Before I will write my opinion about the Rorschach test "normalization" I suggest for Polish readers viewing and reading some information on this topic: 

 I am very interested in scientific methodology behind this "normalization", as from my point of view it is like trying to normalize results of forecasts while puoring wax at St. Andrew's or of normalization of the swells/bulges on the head in phrenology. At present I have no information about it.

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