Science vs. pseudoscience: my Clouds Test, the Rorschach's test and Expert Systems

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Posted 11/16/2012

Bearing in mind poor results of the Rorschach test and in my opinion its pseudoscientific nature I invented test which I am naming "Clouds Test" which should be much better for diagostic purposes. This is the initial stage of research because lack of time forced me to complete them. However I am encouraging all psychologists believing in the test of Rorschach for the continuation of my researches and the way of reasoning commenced by me. Double-clicking you will receive the zoom/blow-up. You will be redirected to commons.wikimedia so do not forget to come back! I examined only three cases (ultimately should be 10):

IF you see a shark atacking child  THEN you had traumatic childhood.

IF you can see the man shouting at the woman with the bun on the head THEN you are aggressive and you are mistreating your wife mentally. You are probably a psychopath.       

IF you can see the heart THEN you are in love.

IF you can see the heart and the man on the left THEN you are in love and very jealous.

And so on ... Please note how easy it is to build an expert system in this area!

P.S.: Tell me what tests you use and I'll tell you who you are !

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