Science vs. Pseudoscience: Is psychology a science? Part 1 - "personality disorders"

Posted 1/30/2015

The mainstream of psychology, especially that part of pos-Freud tradition, is pseudoscience for me, not only me. Unfortunately the psychologists lobby is responsible for some false accusations on the basis of their opinions as expert witnesses, in some cases they are responsible (again, on the basis of their opinions) for taking away parents' children. What is the basis for thos opinions? In most cases psychologica, pseudoscientific "tests" (I wrote earlier about e.g. Rorschach's "test" on this blog - I plan to return to this issue). It happens in XXI century...

There are exceptions, really wise and inteligent psychologists - it is that fraction, small part of scientific stream in psychology unlike

the rest of post-Freud psychology. In Poland some of those wise psychologists and scientists understanding methodology of science and among others absurdity of so called psychological "tests" (especially "projective tests") have own websites. Here you are some of them (unfortunally they are in Polish but can be probably automatically translated):

1. Dr. Tomasz Witkowski:  (author of the excellent book: "Forbidden psychology" - tarnslation: K.M.)

2. Dr. Barbara Gujska (Charmain of "Stop Manipulacji" Association):

3. Interesting Website about psychology pathologies, psychology abuse and its pseudoscientific features:

4. Films  about pseudoscientific IQ psychological "tests", IQ "tests" debunked: 

a) In English:

b) In Polish:

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