Science versus pseudoscience: Rorschach test and St Andrew's party

Posted 11/3/2012

I want to support fans of the Rorschach test with universal contribution of a lot of people (not psychologists)  to this method. Of experts it is more than you think. Into every St Andrew's party thousands how, not millions of people are practicing psychological tests a la Rorschach. What are they doing? They are pouring wax into a bowl of water and are asking themselves mutually: what do you associate it with? As can be seen very close analogy, with the only one difference -  that nobody then is going to prison !

In other words, plenty of people, like Molier's Monsieur Jourdain, don't know that from immemorial time they are speaking the prose, i.e. are practising the Rorschach test in the wax version every year. Is it good news for Rorschach "believers" and esotericists? 

P.S. Pseudoscience is almost as good as junk science...

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