Science: Professor Antoni Niederliński died

Aktualizacja: 30 sie 2018

It is very sad information.

Professor Niederliński was an outstanding scientist, computer scientist, specialist in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Recently his scientific interests concerned mostly the field of AI, especially expert systems. He developed a proprietary system called RMSE using Prolog, about which I wrote on the blog much earlier. He was the author of many publications, including books (about some of them I also wrote on my blog much earlier).

I had the privilege to know Professor personally, even sharing the same room at our university. He was like a senior fellow (scientist) to me. He worked at the Department of Computer Science and Communication at my University, including the Department of Artificial Intelligence managed by me. It was a honor for me. Previously he worked at the Silesian University of Technology and for a time held the position of Rector there.

RIP Dear Professor!

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