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Deja Vu

I do not want to describe theoretical details, definitions, because today the basics of knowledge are widely available on the Internet. The problem in distinguishing the sides of cheats or ordinary ignorant people from honest people, and even less often with appropriate education.

Deja vu - (from the French "Already seen"). I had only 2 experiences of this kind in my childhood, but despite the few decades that have passed since then, I remember them perfectly. A description of the deja vu phenomenon can be found in every Wikipedia today, and fortunately without any esoteric connotation. However, esoterics insist on the irrational thesis that this is proof of reincarnation. My first case concerned the 1st or 2nd grade of elementary school, when I opened the apartment door (my parents worked) and suddenly I felt that what I was doing and the whole context of this situation had already taken place before. This is an exact copy of this event, so there is no question of pseudo-scientific stories about reincarnation. I was surprised by this situation but I entered the apartment and I do not remember the rest. The second time was equally banal, and it seems to be the essence of the matter, that it is not about any spectacular or traumatic experiences. As a child I just brushed my teeth before going to bed. And again, the feeling suddenly appeared that I had done the same thing before. It's not about brushing your teeth, it's the specific, only time and this situation, the whole context. It appeared when I unscrewed the tap faucet - my memory kept it so perfectly, despite such trivial details and the event itself. The deja vu phenomenon never happened again until today. In one of the publications I found information (contrary to the information from Wikipedia) that deja vu happens most often at an early age. From the position of computer science, not only neurology, it is quite easy to explain it as an error of recording and reproducing perceived information. It should be remembered that although we receive an ID card after the age of 18 (in Poland), our brains become fully formed after the age of 25 - I mean morphology, not life experience. This is due to from the fact that only then is the process of myelination of the neurites finished, which is very important for information processing by the brain.

I feel the flow of electric current with my fingers

I think that this phenomenon is easy to explain, although I have found little information on this subject when looking on the Internet. Once, at a scientific conference, during a coffee break I asked about a similar experience in the company of about 10 people. Everyone denied that they would have similar abilities. I wonder who else has this type of abilities, although I do not see any secret here. It may just be more sensitive to electricity or electrical radiation or possibly EM. I did simple experiments because I do not think it's worth sacrifice too much time. I could easily feel that, for example, the iron is turned on or off when it was still cold. Similarly to the surface of the laptop, on which, moving my fingers, I felt something like vibrations on the housing surface with high frequency (50 Hz?). I am writing this only because none of my friends and acquaintances have similar experiences / feelings.

UFO abduction & Ghosts :)

Once, like many people, after watching the movie "Memories from the Future" by Daeniken I became interested in UFOs. I was about 17 years old then. Much later, when I was serious about learning, I found out that a lot of it was. a well-made film is being drawn into the thesis on aliens. At present, I do not believe in foreign civilizations, because the probability calculus contradicts this.

One night, I woke up fully aware, as it seemed to me. But it was accompanied by an unpleasant feeling that there was a dead person next to me. I do not know why, I was convinced that this is my grandmother. I could almost hear her breath and feel the touch. My grandma has been dead for 2 years. The atmosphere was like a horror movie. I wanted to shout something out, but I could not, I was literally paralyzed, including the speech center! It was only after some time that I freed myself from this horror. It was not a dream, because I soon got up and started to think about it. This phenomenon has never happened before or after that. Fortunately, we have the Internet and quickly determined that there is not any ghosts or aliens here, but it is a phenomenon known to science and is called sleep paralysis. I suspect that, apart from crooks, many people talking about alien visits and abductions simply suffered from sleep paralysis. Admittedly, however, it is a very unpleasant experience. Fortunately, it was one and only experience of this type in my life.

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