Pseudoscience: IMO law is not a science

Posted 7/7/2016

My thesis is that law is not science (of course not only law) but only artificial system of knowledge. A cookbook is also system of knowledge and generally the whole activity concerning cooking, but they don't are domain of science, it's quite different issue than dietetics in medicine. Practice is even worse, when the fundamental principles of Roman law are being broken sometimes, e.g. onus probandi - "Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat"!. It means that man being accused must prove that it "is not a camel". Additional problem is principe of adversarial principle (in Polish: kontradyktyoryjność) - from latin: contradiction). If law is not a science so there shouldn't be (beside e.g. history of law systems) be scientific degrees like Ph.D or Dr hab. (in German Dr. habil.). In my opinion it's important part of knowledge for any society but being rather to large degree craft. So the proper titles/degrees could be only M.Sc. (master of law). The professor title should be used in a way as in the art domain (for example at University Musical Academy of Music. The level of logic of some justifications of judgments or accusations are euphemistically weak or ridiculous from the point of logic nad Roman law. Soon I will give 1 example of this "science" from my personal experience which have nothing to science and even logic.

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