Prototype version of Logos v. 1.0 system is already acting

Posted 10/13/2013

Prototype version of my Logos system works quite well but it requires yet supplementing and testing. This may take time most probably by the end of the year. The delay is of about 2 months I wrote about it earlier on the blog and is completely due to the not substantive factors as editing my book before publishing and so on. Below are two selected sreens of windows of that system:


The small picture of a man with brain is credit to Wiki Commons.

The option "Sphinx" is kind of interface for co-operation with built earlier by the author system PC-Shell (hybrid expert system shell) and Neuronix (simulator of artificial neural networks). So the hybridity of the Logos is also multilevel in its nature.

As I wrote the Logos will be made available free of charge and it will be possible to download it directly from my homesite for anybody interested in AI.

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