PC-SHELL: 23 years since the first version 1.0 of my hybrid expert system PC-Shell

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Posted 12/20/2013

Twenty three years ago I finished creation of the first version of my expert system shell PC-Shell. Since that time almost 300 academic units (departments, institutes and so on) of most of Polish universites of different profile has applied or still applie my system in education or/and researches (see short reference list). Therefore it is opportunity to reminisce and reflect. Below are pictures of several manuals showing steady development of PC-Shell. Shortly innovative aspects of that system stem from such features as hybrid architecture (ES + ANN), blackboard system, possibility of programming using conventional algorithmic C-like language being part of knowledge representation language, two modes of reasoning: forward inference as well as backward inference with - what is important - mechanism of backtracking, mechanism of automatic and dynamic parametrisation of the PC-Shell knowledge base was also devised and implemented. More here. In the gallery are covers of several versions of PC-Shell ES shell and Sphinx AI software package manuals, starting from the first version (1990-1991).

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OKŁADKA PCS3 SPHINX 2006 okładka

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