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Posted 10/27/2012

It was difficult decision to build personal website, having at the same time commercial website of my company and almost having no free time, being very busy. I hope this website will have more scientific nature, allows me to inform about some news inadequate for the commercial website, as well allows me to write from time to time something on the blog.

The main doubt and question was - what and why? The influence on my decision had the requests for some my information as papers, e-books and software from many people, at the same time it was very not effective way to send anything via e-mail and correspond with each other.

I hope my decision is correct and will help some scientists and students providing the expected information and will prove to be useful for them. Especially in times of e-learning, global village and civilization based on knowledge. And knowledge is keword of the homesite, its meaning as well its processing. I plan also to write short papers here, and even as a skeptic sometimes to write to fight against pseudoscience e.g. in psychology, certain aspects of which are close to our interest in brain functionality.

So I invite you to visit this website and I regard it to be open! 

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