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Posted 7/3/2013

I just received the book by professor Antoni Niederliński about his expert system rmse. In my opinion it is one of only 2 may be 3 books in Polish on expert systems really worth reading and the order. Moreover it isn't typical compilation book but - what is very important for me - describing the real expert system developed by the Author. And it is for me the reason why this book is exceptional. Simply, when I read a book written by an author who has built an expert system I'm sure he knows what he writes about ES. Some people say, yes we know what the expert systems are and so on. But when you start building you find so many details not described in books, papers that you are forced to solve plenty of theretical/scientific problems not visible on the general level and invent effective implementations. So it was very interesting for me to confront my point of view and my solutions of the mentioned problems - often very important "details" - with that of prof. Niederliński. That's fortunate that we are working in the same department, so I have possibility to discuss personally some problems with prof. Niederliński. And this despite the fact that our systems are completely different, based on different philosophy, they differ even as far as language is concerned: eg. rmse is written in Prolog - my PC-Shell in "C" etc.

This book is inspiration for me to publish my book on expert systems and PC-Shell being at present made available as a  free download e-book. I was for many years so focused and busy while building my systems that I didn't take care in order to publish a paper book. I will try do it (rectifying one's mistake) as well as will try to take care to publish books on Logos next versions. Unfortunately the very serious accident is stealing my strength and some people are stealing my time (I will write about them in the future!) what makes it difficult to build the very complicated system like Logos and at the same time to write books and papers.But I will try to do it! 

For foreign guests of my website I have an important  message - the book of professor Niederliński is available in the English version (below):

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