New book on Constraint Logic Programming (CLP)

Posted 10/7/2013

I did receive today from professor Antoni Niederliński his new book (last edition) on Constraint Logic Programming. It should be very interesting for any persons interested in logic programming and Prolog. For novice in logic/Prolog programming the Author is devoting the first chapter introducing to this subject what seems to be very useful and allows to compare the differences between some mechanisms of Prolog programing and constraint logic programming being extension of the former. The book is full of examples and exercise for readers. At present the book is in Polish and as I have learned the English version will be published soon.

Polish title: Programowanie w logice z ograniczeniami; Łagodne wprowadzenie do platformy ECL(i)PS(e).

464 pages, softcover, publisher: Wydawnictwo Pracowni Komputerowej Jacka Skalmierskiego, Gliwice

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