Music: NOSPR - new one of the best in the World symphony orchestra building has been opened in Katow

Posted 10/10/2014

NOSPR - National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, Silesia, Poland for the best Polish Symphony Orchestra and one of the best in Europe. This huge edifice has two concert halls, including the chamber hall. What is extremely important - acoustics of the concert hall is one of the best in Europe and the World, phenomenal ! The architecture and interiors of this building is also beautiful. One of the first concerts was a concert of the Vienna Philharmonics, who also praised the acoustics of the concert hall. Our great Silesian pianist Krystian Zimmerman also took part in the opening of the building.

Jurek Dybał: NOSPR room resembles the Musikverein one of the best in the world. Opening NOSPR in Katowice: ovation after the concert:

Material in English:

Material in French:

NOSPR - looking out drone:

The new headquarters NOSPR Orchestra in Katowice:

NOSPR Katowice rehearsal before the opening 1 10 2014: !

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