Logos v. 1.0 (ed. 0.1) soon

Posted 6/17/2013

I have very little time lately and some health problems after a serious accident but despite this expected date of finishing the first version of didactics/teaching "mutation" of my new reasoning system LOGOS is september 2013. Now I work on some scientific version of that system for some experiments, but I will try to meet that deadline to build by-product/very simplified "mutation" of Logos system for applications at universities in teaching/didactics and for interested persons as I wrote earlier. I assume that it will be a project carried out for many years.

if I manage to meet the deadline, there will be a chance of using it at interested universities in new academic year 2013/2014. How I wrote I will make it available free of any charge. The next planned version 1.2 also will be made available for free!

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