LOGOS Research Project started

Posted 5/3/2013

I've just started implementation of my new private and fully funded by me project LOGOS concerning among others hybrid reasoning engine for some kind of scientific works and experiments. The "by-product" of my works should be "reasoner" which also could able to work as eg. expert system. Now I work on the 1.0 version. According to my private mission to popularize some issues of artificial intelligence, including expert systems, reasoning-systems and others, some "by-products" as general-purpose AI tools I will make available to the scientific community/academics, universities, students and other interested individuals for free! The software will be available on this website for free download (therfore now "Free download" site is under reconstruction). The scientific works, experiments using special versions of that software also called LOGOS will be published not available for download. 

I think that first "by-product" - general-purpose version of Logos 1.0 -  aimed at didactics/teaching, should be ready in a few months. In my intention it should be useful in didactics/teaching AI and further even some scientific works at universities in similar way as my expert system PC-Shell and Sphinx package did and still do. I plan fully implement the software personally not using grants and so on for many reasons. Of course any kind of support would be useful but not grants. One of the reasons is that similarly to the project PC-Shell/Sphinx it is planned for too many years to be dependant of grants - I have to do what I plan to do regardless of whether or not I get a grant, regardless of the time horizons provided for grants.

One  of the assumptions is it will be available in English version, also I plan write simple manual in Polish and English.

If something of my modest works will be ready to give you I will write about it on this website and make it available to download for you.

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