Guitar: Kinga Głyk - young woman bass guitar virtuoso

Aktualizacja: 8 mar 2020

I am mainly interested in the guitar as an instrument. Most often it is the electric guitar that is a solo instrument, leading in both blues, rock and jazz bands. Then the bass guitar plays an important, but secondary role. However, it turns out that the bass guitar can also be a solo instrument, leading and with interesting guitar improvisations. Mrs. Kinga Głyk is proof of this, she has been playing in a trio lately, interestingly with her dad (a great drummer, including a vibraphone and xylophone player). In a word, a very musically talented family from a city near Katowice. Website of Kinga Głyk:

Kilka nagrań:

1. "Tears in Heaven":

2. "5 Cookies":

3. Leverkusener Jazztage 2017:

4. Concert, Kinga Głyk & Marcus Miller:

5. Java Jazz Festival, short interview:

6. Let's Play Some Funky Groove - Live in Leverkusen - 2019

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