Ethan: I was nominated as a member of Editorial Board of scientific Ethan Publishing

Posted 12/8/2014

I've just been nominated as a member of the Editorial Board of the Ethan Publishing Company in USA, specializing in scientific publications. I was also accepted as "reviewer" of published papers and books. What is of great interest for me as a computer scientist Ethan Publishing Co. publish scientific journal called "Computer Science and Applications". Below some details. Their publications are indexed in several well-known scientific databases:

They are present in the following scientific databases:

  • Database of EBSCO, Massachusetts, USA;

  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), USA;

  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), ProQuest Science Journals, USA;

  • Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, USA;

  • Chinese Database of CEPS, American Federal Computer Library Center (OCLC), USA;

  • Google Scholar

My dear colleagues computer scientists! I invite you not only to read but also to subscribe to this magazine SC&A ! You are also welcome to write papers on your scientific works!

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