CATS: The best, beautiful and perfect animal creatures - bite strength

Posted 10/30/2014

One of my latest fascinations are wild cats. I had earlier two Afghan hounds. IMHO this breed of dog is the most beautiful in the world. After the death of my second Afghan Astra I bought a cat called Pipi beacause after my serious accident Afghan hounds were too strong for the person walking on crutches then. Thus, I interested in wild cats and I began read about and study them. These are extremely beautiful, agile, quick and courageous animals, but unfortunately also for human aggressive and very dangerous. Often amused me when the owners of aggressive breeds of dogs such as pittbuls, rottweilers bite are proud of their  bite force. First, even the wolf has twice the power of the bite force than a most mentioned dogs, also e.g. mastiff. How is it with wild cats? We can imagine that the calculations are difficult, I took into account a number of estimates and looks like this: in spite of the size of the bite, the strongest force of bite have jaguars and tigers.

For example lion has 600-700 psi (Pound per Square Inch), tiger has 1050 but what may be the most surprising is probably the strongest bite has jaguar 2000 PSI (e.g. Grizzly Bear has 1200 PSI)! One source for jaguars writes about 1350 PSI. I must emphasize, however, that these estimates differ according to various sources. Now you can see how ridiculous is the pride of the owners of these abnormal in my opinion mentioned class of dogs bred do not know why, for what? For cruel fights? Of course I understand the owners of these dogs for defense purposes when they have a ranch or other rich property.

There is lack of credible data for leopards, but must be strong because they are able to bring to the tree lot heavier prey of himself, in one source I found the force about 700 PSI. For example the bite strength and sharp teeth of jaguars are able crush the sculls and even the shell of turtles  (Films not for sensitive): .

Jaguars are also able to kill the crocodiles (not for sensitive), by the way they like tigers like water and can even dive.

I have such very risky hypothesis that wild cats reared from a cub as pets are more predictable then dogs, the difference is that when in most cases when dogs had been attacked men the consequences are mostly not serious and not reported to the media. When wild cat attacks a man the concequences are extremely serious or even mortal and as a rule such accidents are reported to media. As grounds for such assumption it is possible to give the fact that all the wild cat are naturally breeded in contrast to dogs, which are artificially bred. So wild cats comply with the strict rules of behavior in contrast to the dogs. Please se this: The cats have fantastic memory e.g. Christian: . I love cats and Afghan Hounds !

Especially impressive are relation of Kevin Richardson with lions, brave researcher "dancing with death". There are plenty of very interesting films about him on YT, e.g.: .


Picture 1. Afghan Hound very similar to my beloved dogs Astra and Lessie

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