BOOKS: My new book on Expert Systems and Knowledge Management

Posted 3/26/2014

My new book on the "Expert Systems for Supporting Knowledge Management" has just been published. The Polish title is "Systemy ekspertowe we wspomaganiu procesów zarządzania wiedzą w organizacji". It is  partly based on my experience with my expert systems applications in the field of knowledge management, in that in decision support. I've described very shortly my first two expert systems (PC-Expert, Diagnosta) and more widely (fully) my latest works on PC-Shell and Sphinx. I did not write about my newest Logos system.

The book is available at the University of Economics in Katowice and libraries as well as Polish bookshops.

Orders can also be submitte at:

Price: 27.50 zł (PLN), 237 pages, soft cover, ISBN 978-83-7875-175-5,

(1 Euro = ~ 4,16 zł; 1$ = ~ 3 zł).

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