Apologies for the delay in completion of educational version 1.0 of system Logos

Posted 9/21/2013

Unfortunately due to additional duties and some other reasons delay of finishing the didactical/educational version of Logos 1.0 may reach even two months. The reasons fortunately have no with any of substantive issues/technical problems, beacause research prototype already exists ! Simply, too many tasks and duties for too little time. In order to prepare version 1.0 The 1.0 version temporal logic's module will be removed, so it also takes a little time to create such simplified educational version. From that moment this two versions (scientific and educational) will be created separately and almost parallely, so it will take a little bit less tiome to finish the next educational versions (lack of necessity of removing anything).

Of course any new information will be added on this blog.

Sorry, again.

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