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Free ebooks and manuals about my systems


Taking into account my scientific mission of popularizing the subject of artificial intelligence and especially expert systems (knowledge-based systems) technology as well as numerous requests for access to my e-books from students and scientists I decided to give you for free theese e-books. It was also mission of my AITECH Artificial Intelligence Company from the very begining and setting up. There are only some obvious (non-nonsense) limitations (!):

  • they cannot be resold or copied to others nd generally used for any commercial purposes without permission,

  • each part of the book, any solutions, designs are protected by copyright and intellectual property law,

  • in the case of using them in scientific papers, works, in the work of graduate, undergraduate, master's, PhD, works and any dissertations, etc., observe/use proper citation, according to the examples given further in the text below. 

And it is all ! :) At present, unfortunately, there are only Polish language versions of theese e-books. And yet the PC-Shell e-books contain description of syntax and semantix of the knowledge base description language and this language as well its compiler is designed in English ! Adding the ready to use demo knowledge bases it should be easy to use by not Polish users!

CAKE (Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering):

HybRex - Integrated Hybrid AI Environment for Intelligent DSS Building - part 1:

HybRex dodatki:

Neuronix - Neural Networks Simulator:

PC-Shell part1:

PC-Shell part 2:

PC-Shell part 3:


Introduction to building applications using expert system PC-Shell:

Prof. Krzysztof Michalik

Artificial Intelligence & Professional Activity

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