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         Welcome to my homesite in the fascinating world

of artificial intelligence, computers, brain and knowledge 

Knowledge is power  (scientia potentia est)  Francis Bacon (1561–1626)

Website under reconstruction !

News on site: 

  • 2 news on the blog and a few adjustments among others about "Torsion field" and Ancient Poland. Unfortunately, after destroying my previous website with many IT teaching materials but also a blog, I had to set up a new website using a different CMS. Everything needs to be played from scratch, so I noticed a lot of errors and hurdles resulting from the rush while playing the original version of my site. In addition, I wanted to add a lot of new content and regularly update its content. Therefore, I will try to remove some glaring errors for which I apologize..

  • My recent interview for TV at Open University (Lomza) just after invited lecture on ,,AI - anthropological and social consequences"

Additionally there is short article based on the interview: .

Media Group Narev TV,czlowiek-sztuczna-inteligencja-nadzieje-i-zagrozen

During this lecture, the subject of which was essentially interdisciplinary (AI, philosophy, anthropology), I also explained some issues concerning potentially dangerous and in my opinion pseudoscientific ideology of transhumanism (more on the blog).

  • May 25, 2018 I was invited to the expert group in the field of AI for a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Gowin. The subject of the meeting concerned the strategy of development of AI in Poland (roundtable formula Impact’18 Warsaw). In addition to representatives of 4 universities, including my University of Economics in Katowice, they took part, among others representatives of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Volvo.

  • I was invited to give a guest lecture on AI entitled „Directions of development and AI threats” (it was part 1,  rather introductory in form) Uniwersity University of Information Technology and Entrepreneurship of Lomza (Łomża). There was TV so part of this lecture is on YT:  

I also gave an interview about AI: And short article in newspaper: .

4. October 10, 2017.  I was invited to give a guest lecture at Inno Meetup Katowice seminar „AI - is artificial intelligence already here?”

5. September 17-19, 2017. I was invited to give a lecture on some issues of AI at International Conference in Rzeszow. Lecturers/Speakers: .

6. New: Interview on AI threats in Newsweek 17/2016, Ad of that paper by Dariusz Ćwiklak is here:,film,384313.html

7. An Eye of the city Katowice (near the UFO-like hall) (not that of Illuminati :) )


8. Metropolis Katowice, the largest town in Poland (Silesia),  opened the new superb building for National Orchestra (NOSPR): . New footage

9. New interview with me on future and threats of Artificial Intelligence, along with thesis of e.g. Stephena Hawking, Bill Gates or Elon Musk: here you are:,sztuczna-inteligencja-realne-zagrozenie-gates-nie-rozumiem-czemu-niektorzy-sie-nie-przejmuja  (It's only in Polish)



Part 3: Part 4:

       Part 5: Part 6: 

       Part 7: Part 8: 

        Part 9: Part 10:

        Part 11:

  • I 've just been nominated and accepted as a member of Editorial Board of the USA scientific Ethan Publishing Company. At the same time I was accepted as a scientific reviewer of Computer Science and Applications journal of that Publishing Company. More on blog.

NEW  - I 've been invited by the Independent TV NTV for interview and small series of "mini-lectures" on plasma cosmology an the theory of Electric Universe. More on blog...

My latest book on Expert Systems and Knowledge Management has just been published, more information on my blog.

Recently I gave a lecture at ING Silesian Bank on expert systems.

New note on Electric Universe, very interesting, alternative cosmology theory based on plasma physics achievements shortly described on my blog with links to knowledge sources here.

CAKE system (Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering) has been added on the site "downloads". More information about this system here.

DialogEditor system supporting expert system PC-Shell while building GUI interfaces has been added on the site "downloads"

As I wrote earlier, I added on the "Free downloads" site some other systems I created, in that hybrid expert system PC-Shell, neural net Neuronix and HybRex - tool and environment for building IDSS and data analysis applications - a lot of people who have asked! Soon I will add my research prototype system CAKE for Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering .

I've just started the LOGOS Research Project, some words about it on the blog, therefore the site "Free Downloads" is under reconstruction; the first side-product for teching purposes at universities as well as for all individuals simply interested in AI I will add on the site for free download. Please observe the site.

A book with my new article on Knowledge Engineering has just been published  by Springer Verlag in series "Studies in Fuziness and SoftComputing":

  • A Companion Volume to Sadegh-Zadeh’s Handbook of Analytical Philosophy of Medicine

Co-authors of that paper: prof. Mila Kwiatkowska, Ph.D. (Canada) and dr. Krzysztof Kielan, MD (UK).

Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Vol. 302 

Seising, Rudolf; Tabacchi, Marco Elio (Eds.) 

2013, XXVI, 447 p. 123 illus. 

Price: 139,09 € 

  • The AI software package SPHINX and e-books about it are allowed to be downloaded for free with only several limitations !!!   E-books: here


  • The new e-book on HybRex system (Hybrid AI enivironment for IDSS building) has been added: here

  • The new e-book on introduction to building applications using PC-Shell expert system for users, scientists and students -here

  • Quite recently I received new book by Springer with my paper and friends of mine: prof. Mila Kwiatkowska and dr. Krzysztof Kielan, MD. on "Computational Representation of Medical Concepts: A Semiotic and Fuzzy Logic Approach" in Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. Price: 169,95 €.


When computers are beginning to defeat a man...

Deep blue.

Conference of Polish Computer Society (PTI), Wisła, Silesia, Poland

Home, at work. Welcome to my homesite !

TAGS: AI, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Deep Networks, Deep Learning,  Logic for AI,

Knowledge Management, Science vs. Pseudoscience Krzysztof Michalik

TAGS: Sztuczna inteligencja, Sieci neuronowe, Systemy ekspertowe, Głębokie sieci neuronowe, Głębokie uczenie, Logika, Zarządzanie wiedzą, Nauka vs. pseudonauka

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#KnowledgeManagement #SciencevsPseudoscience #KrzysztofMichalik

#Sztucznainteligencja #Siecineuronowe #systemyekspertowe #Głębokiesiecineuronowe  #Głębokieuczenie #Logika #Zarządzaniewiedzą #Naukavspseudonauka

TAGS: AI, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Deep Networks, Deep Learning,  Logic for AI,

Knowledge Management, Science vs. Pseudoscience

Prof. Krzysztof Michalik

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